You will find material, homework, and course work here in preparation for your Abitur in 2025.


05.09.2023 - ∞

Discover important information and materials for your advanced English course as well as tasks, deadlines and places to hand in your written work,  if necessary. 

05.09.2022 - ∞
Preparation for the final exams in May 2022.
01.08.2021 - ∞

Online Kurs in Englisch für die Klasse 08d  im Falle eines lockdowns. 

We will begin this year by finishing the last two units of Greenline 3, learning about the media, and the passive voice in English followed by information on travelling and direct and indirect speech. Then we will read another short novel, as reading is so important for learning a language. In the second half of the year we will receive our new Greenline books and will  start working with them.  

31.08.2020 - ∞